Sunday, 22 August 2010

Watching the Watchers

Almost five months ago, I attempted to start a project, but promptly ran out of steam. I had intended to lay a bit of groundwork and then throw it open as a collaboration, due to the amount of work involved. So today it's time to explain what I intended without first laying that groundwork.

The project was to go through every LAs website and review all their material relating to EHE, collate it and make it available on-line so that people could immediately see which LAs had it right and which ones had it wrong. It could probably be tied in with the existing database on LAs and staff once it gets far enough, to keep all the information in a single place.

So, I'm looking for volunteers to go through the LAs and read through their stuff and provide a summary of where it is, a brief outline of the problems and a fuller explanation of what's wrong with it. Let me know if you're interested so things can be coordinated to avoid several people all working on the same few LAs. No need to only do your own LA,either.